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Club RulesClub Rules

Labyrinthe Club RulesLabyrinthe Club Rules The rules of the Labyrinthe

At first glance there may well seem to be many club rules, but in general they tend to try and ensure that club members behave in a reasonable, fair and safe manner.We work hard at ensuring that taking part in a Labyrinthe event is fun, and hope that these rules help to ensure that this is possible for all club members

  1. I accept that taking part in any Labyrinthe event involves some risk of harm to my person and that I participate in the event at my own risk, and that I am medically fit to participate fully.
  2. I undertake to ensure that the event referee and Labyrinthe management are aware of any and all medical conditions I have which may require additional care on their part.  I will ensure that they are informed prior to the start of the event.
  3. I understand that taking part in a Labyrinthe event involves the use of specially constructed padded weapons which will be used to simulate combat by me and upon my person.  I hereby grant permission for this to occur and undertake to ensure that when I use these padded weapons that I do so in a controlled and safe manner.
  4. I understand that the majority of Labyrinthe events take place in a physical environment which may include additional potential risk of injury, including but not limited to low and uneven ceilings, uneven floors and walls, areas of low or no light, and areas of very limited space and can be in an underground environment.  I also understand that the Labyrinthe referees and management also occasionally use lighting, smoke and other visual and audio effects in the course of the events and that I will make the referees and management aware if these effects may cause me harm so that I may be excluded from that part of the event.
  5. I understand that striking another participant with any part of my body,“body charging”, grappling and similar activities are strictly forbidden and agree that I will not participate in any such activity. Where the game rules require that I ‘strike’ another person with any part of my body then this will only be done with my hands and only a light touch will be used.
  6. I undertake to act at all times to ensure my own safety and that of those around me, to the best of my ability.
  7. I understand that when the game rules require some action that might put me in danger – including but not restricted to being carried by or carrying another player, being required to shut my eyes etc,  it is not intended that I abide by the game rules should this cause or exacerbate a risk to my own safety or those of the people around me (thus, in an emergency, or if I believe someone to be injured or likely to become so, I will ignore the game rules to try and prevent danger to myself or others).
  8. Should any dispute arise during the course of an event I undertake to resolve this in a calm and reasonable manner, accepting that the decision of Labyrinthe management in any dispute regarding Labyrinthe and its events are final.
  9. I understand that should I fail to arrive to participate on an event for which I have booked, or if I cancel my booking after the cut-off for that particular event, then Labyrinthe are entitled to and shall apply the relevant no-show charge for that event, and that this charge will be settled prior to being able to book onto any subsequent event.
  10. I accept that following the start of an event, should I be unable to continue playing for any reason, I will not be entitled to a refund, although the organisers should make every reasonable effort to ensure that I can continue playing.
  11. If a referee or Labyrinthe management ask me to leave the event then I shall depart from the site quickly and quietly.  Reasons for asking a person to leave include, but are not limited to - participating in any illegal activity, acting in such a way to endanger others, acting in an antisocial manner that is likely to spoil the enjoyment of others; causing damage to the site, or acting in such a way likely to bring the good reputation of the club into disrepute.
  12. I accept that the management and referees of any event I take part in are in charge, and I will comply with any reasonable request they make of me.
  13. I will personally check that any weapon I am using is safe for the purposes of live role-play combat, and will in addition ensure that every such weapon has been checked and confirmed as safe by a referee and periodically check to make sure it has remained safe during the event and that should a weapon be unsafe for the purposes of live role-play combat then I shall immediately cease using that weapon.
  14. I will be responsible for and pay for any damage that I cause, whether this be to the site or to other participants’ or the organisers possessions unless such damage arises from the ‘normal wear and tear’ of live role playing.
  15. I will not drink alcohol during an event, unless a referee indicates that it will be safe to do so.
  16. I will not engage in any illegal activities during an event or whilst on site.
  17. Labyrinthe management reserve the right to exclude anyone from participating in a Labyrinthe event or from membership of Labyrinthe at any time.
  18. Labyrinthe management reserve the right to withhold any weapon or item of equipment that they deem to be unsafe or inappropriate for use in an LRP event, but shall return that item at the end of the event.
  19. Whilst on site at a Labyrinthe event, I understand that it is only permitted to take part in LRP combat whilst within an in-character area of that site.
  20. All vehicles parked at a Labyrinthe event are done so at the owner’s risk.  Use and or storage of your property at a Labyrinthe site are done so at your risk, with no responsibility accepted by Labyrinthe UK Ltd.
  21. I understand that all character cards, item cards, grulls and other cards related to any of  my characters remain the property of Labyrinthe UK Ltd, and I may not sell these articles for legal tender without the express permission of the Management.
  22. I understand that from time to time photographs and video are shot of Labyrinthe events. As a member of Labyrinthe, I confirm my acceptance of Labyrinthe using any images of me taken at a Labyrinthe event for the promotion of Labyrinthe and its agents. Should I not wish to be photographed or filmed, I must make this known to the production team at the time.