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Calendar of Holy DaysCalendar of Holy Days

Calendar of Holy DaysCalendar of Holy Days In-Character Calendar of Special Days


1st Januar

Inceptus Majius

All Powers High Shadow Day

1st Januar

The Day of Awakening

Talthari Renewal Holy Day

3rd Januar

The Festival of Mortal Light

Tryst Shadow Day

15th Januar

Winter Barrows Opening

Elbereth Shadow Day

17th Januar

Winter's Heart

Druidic Shadow Day

1st Februar

Day of Tears

Tsu Ling Shadow Day

1st Februar

Elemental Lord’s Day

Draconic Church of Earth Holy Day

4th Februar

Day of the Madness

Talthari Serenity Shadow Day

9th Februar

The Awakening of Totems

Shamanic Shadowday

10th Februar

Sharing The Bounty

Elbereth Holy Day

20th Februar

Day Of Awakening

Disciples of the Bright Lady Holy Day

20th Februar

Reformation Day

Shaehan High Holy Day

1st Martius

Faith’s Day

St Michael Holy Day

5th Martius

Day of Family

Tsu-Ling Holy Day

12th Martius


Temple of the Rose Holy Day

15th Martius

The Shadowed Herald

Tryst Holy Day

26th Martius

Day of the Fractuting

Talthari Unity Shadow Day

1st Aiprus

Day of Tears

St Michael Shadow Day

1st Aiprus


Temple of the Rose True Holy Day

15th Aiprus

Breeze Day

Dragon of Air Holy Day

17th Aiprus

Day of the Fallen Hero

Talthari Adversity Shadow Day

23rd Aiprus

Ascension of St Michael

St Michael True Holy Day

1st Maii

The Day of Tides

Tsu Ling High Holy Day

1st Maii

Festival of Natural Life

Druidic High Holy Day

1st Maii

The Day of Hope

Talthar High Holy Day

13th Maii

Saladin’s Day

St Michael Holy Day

26th Maii

The Birth of Elven Worship

Elbereth True Holy Day

28th Maii

The Dusk of Deception

Ebony Faithful Holy Day

28th Maii

Spring Vigil

Temple of the Rose Shadow Day

29th Maii

Hatching of the Earth

Dragon of Earth Holy Day

3rd Juon

Illumination Day

Shaehan Holy Day

15th Juon

Summer Barrows Opening

Elbereth Shadow Day

17th Juon

Day of Gifting

Dragon of Air Shadow Day

21st Juon

The Day of Gifts

Talthari Subtlety Holy Day

23rd Juon


Tryst Holy Day

27th Juon

Candle Day

Unity Holy Day

15th Jurrle

Thunder’s Peak

Dragon of Air Holy Day

28th Jurrle

The Night of Cloaking

Ebony True Holy Day

1st Orgus

The Day of Drought

Tsu Ling Shadow Day

15th Orgus

Draconic Harvest Day

Dragon of Earth Holy Day

17th Orgus


Condesecration Holy Day

24th Orgus

Celebration of the Constellations

Elbereth Holy Day

1st Septus

Ebon Eclipse

Ebony Holy Day

3rd Septus

Justice Day

St Michael Holy Day

15th Septus

The Dark Dawn Festival

Tryst True Holy Day

1st Octuar

Contemplation of Shaehan

Shaehan High Holy Day

1st Octuar

Spritael Dagaeum

Tryst Shadow Day

10th Octuar

The Sorrow of Loss

Condesceration  Shadowday

10th Octuar

Aranal’s Day

Talthari Diplomacy Holy Day

13th Octuar


Shamanic High Holy Day

17th Octuar

Islanil’s Tears

Talthari Diplomacy Shadow Day

30th Octuar

Festival of Encircling Shadow

Dragon of Darkness True Holy Day

31st Octuar

The Joining of Worlds

Servants of Evil Holy Day

1st Novaus

The Day of Ocean’s Renewal

Tsu Ling Holy Day

5th Novaus

Day of Shadows

St Michael Shadow Day

7th Novaus

Storm’s Fall

Dragon of Air High holy Day

9th Novaus

The Dreaming Day

Shamanic Shadow Day

19th Novaus

Turning of the Stars

Elbereth Holy Day

1st Deeber

Sealing the Gates of Accounting

Redaip Shadow Day

4th Deeber

Illuminous Dawn

Ebony Shadow Day

21st Deeber

Longest Night

All Powers True Shadow Day

23rd Deeber

White Ivories Morn

Ebony Holy Day


Miscellaneous Holy DaysMiscellaneous Holy Days

21st Januar ~ Winters Heart [Druidic Shadow Day]
This day symbolises the low point for natural life, snow covers the ground and there are no leaves on the trees. It is considered bad luck to leave open a door on this day, allowing the winter frost into the hearth of the house bringing ill luck for the year. Many rural families spend this day behind locked doors, though druids should perform rites calling to the Spring warmth.

31st Januar ~ Up-helly-naa [Triune Mother Holy Day/Maiden Shadow Day]
The feast of fire, symbolising the end of winter and the beginning of spring, when the fires that have burned all winter are fed with extra fuel to encourage the sun to warm the earth anew.

15th Aiprus ~ Breezeday [Dragon of Air Holy Day]
It was upon this day an alliance was formed between the Imps of Slumber and the Dragon of Air.

1st Day of Mai ~ Festival of Natural Life [Druidic True Holy Day]
Often just referred to as the Festival of Life this date celebrates the re-establishment of Life within the natural world. Mostly celebrated in rural areas, there is a feast on the green, followed by games and the crowning in a floral garland of the queen and king of the year. It is rumoured that druids must perform a secret rite to ensure a good harvest for the coming year on this date. This day is blessed with fertility.

29th Maii ~ Hatching Day of Earth [Dragon of Earth High Holy Day]
This day celebrates the hatching of the Brown Dragon of Magic

17th Juon ~ Day of Gifting [The Dragon of Air Shadow Day]
This is the day when Dragons gift power to the Grey Dragon, and the Blue Dragon is proud to make a small offering to it's cousin in return for access to it's spells for his followers.

28th Jurrle ~ The Night Of Cloaking [Ebony True Holy Day]
The greatest trick of 'Coragha', the Ebony Drake, was to send his Ivory sister into a deep slumber for five months, upon the anniversary of this day. Since then each year upon this date Coragha is able to draw much power from the Ivory Drake.   It is also rumoured that upon this day Darkbane, once a notorious Ebony mage, was born.

15th Orgus ~ Dr aconic Harvest Day [Dragon of Earth Holy Day]
This day the harvest is celebrated by the Draconic Church of Earth, as it's master yields it's bounty to those who till the soil.

1st Septus ~ Ebon Eclipse [Ebony Faithful Holy Day]
Truth and illumination are sent into retreat as the ebon moon rises over the land. Upon this day the powers of communing are twisted and confused as the Ebony Drake’s influence is magnified.

4th Deeber ~ Illuminous Dawn [Ebony Shadowday]
The anniversary of the awakening of the Ivory Drake, after 'The Nigh Of Cloaking'. Well rested, she sends her arch foes followers into hiding.   This day is also rumoured to be the anniversary of 'Darkbane's' final death.