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Labyrinthe An IntroductionLabyrinthe An Introduction

Labyrinthe - Live Role PlayLabyrinthe - Live Role Play All about us...

LRP Illustrative PictureLabyrinthe is a high fantasy, deeply immersive Live Role-play (LRP) system staged with in our atmospheric chalk cave site in Chislehurst, Kent (see here for an introduction to live role-play itself).

There are many LRP systems running throughout Great Britain, but Labyrinthe is the only LRP club in the country that runs multiple events almost every weekend of the year in an amazing warren of underground caverns and tunnels.

We offer an unrivalled opportunity for our hero players and their monster foes to take part in an extremely interactive and evolving game world, with its own highly developed cast of heroes and villains, all in an environment set aside and developed solely for their use. Over 20 years of experience and game-play has seen the game system and the in-character world of Labyrinthe and its players evolve to form a colourful land far from the day to day grind of 'real life', with a strong history and even stronger future. Here the actions of the players continue to have a direct and significant impact on the world around them, even to the extent of governing cities and armies.

What hero would be complete with out a foe to vanquish or villain to thwart? These villains come in the form of “monsters” played by other club members that volunteer their time to playing The Enemy. Monstering is a good way to get to know the system and caves, to practise your combat skills with out fear of harming your new characters but still be able to make new friends, and monstering also earns you “credits” (for our adult player) – essentially vouchers that can be used to discount the cost of playing on future events at Labyrinthe, reducing them to a minimal cost.


Young PlayersYoung Players

Labyrinthe caters for both the young and 'old', with our 'young player' adventures running every weekend for those aged between 11 & 15. On our younger player adventures the players act toghther in a co-operative environment, supervised by two adult referees.  They interact with eachother either as allies (other players) or as foes (as the monsters) and take part in a variety of activities, trying to solve puzzles, overcome physical challenges and battle the forces of eeevil – all with in our maze of caverns and tunnels. With No PC screens to stare at and no 'save game' options available, the players learn to work together and use their characters skill and abilities to complete their quest and win the day! The keen adventurer is sure to come home tired out after an exhilarating and fun day out.


Adult PlayersAdult Players

Labyrinthe offers a wide range of LRP adventures for our adult players (those aged 15 and above). 

The most popular of the adult events are the small party (from 4 to 14 players) caves adventures every Saturday and Sunday.  These from rum approximately 10:30 through to 18:00 and offer an intense and exciting role-playing experience.

In addition to this, during the more forgiving months Labyrinthe also organises a wide range of 'off site' events for club members, including one day adventures called 'overlands' at a number of sites with in easy reach of our main caves site, weekend-long events at a variety of locations throughout the country and even week long role playing holidays where the players are in-character 24 hours a day for 6 days (called Myths). These are intense and immersive events that really provide the ultimate in role-playing experiences.

With over 20 years of game play behind us, here at Labyrinthe the LRP system has evolved in to a dynamic high fantasy one, full of wizards, witches, goblins & ogres, soldiers, priests, rogues and scouts and of course the villains and heroines. We have over 200 different character classes and races, and a character development system that provides hundreds of skills openly available for charactesr, along with a highly adaptable system (known as 'yellow paper') where players submit the abilities they would like their character to learn and a game system manager (GSM) “costs” those abilities for that character.  This allows a huge amount of individuality and creativeness whilst maintaining balance.

In addition to the LRP player in-world development we also have a dedicated full time writer manning a fully integrated play-by-mail game known as Heroes of the Empire (HotE), that allows the background and history to unfold and develop according to the actions of the players... or sometimes even lack of it.

All this combines to provide a rich experience which will hopefully have you eager to return.

If you fancy making your own individual mark on the unique world of Labyrinthe our best suggestion is to start by playing (rather than monstering initially) on a “low level” adventure. You can organise a group and book a “closed” adventure just for you and your friends (minimum of 8 players) or join in with other players of a similar level on an “open” adventure. Alternatively you can come along and crew/monster, where you get to play multiple “monster” through out the day. Doing this lets you provide various adversaries or the occasional ally for the paying adventuring heroes. It doesn't cost anything to monster, and as an adult you can earn credits which can be used to discount the price of your future adventuring.

For further details feel free to either contact us, follow the link to our events diary, or join in the lively discussions on the forums where our existing members and management will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to adventuring with you soon!