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Firstly and paramount to discussion of combat is safety. We're all here to have fun and getting hurt tends to detract from such a goal. The equipment used is designed with this in mind.  However, even the safest equipment can cause a degree of pain or injury if not used correctly and responsibly. On your first visit your referee should instruct you in the safe usage of weapons. If for any reason they don't please ask them to do so. Its quite simple and bearing a few basic principles in mind can prevent serious accident. For safety reasons the following are no permitted:

  • Grabbing or grappling of other players is not permitted.
  • Using thrusting motions with weapons is not permitted.
  • The aiming of blows to a person's head is discouraged. Blows to the head, no matter how carefully aimed, are unpleasant.
  • If someone is obviously blocking an exit it is considered discourteous to use the fact that they cannot physically grapple to keep you in place to just push or barge past them.


Life, Death And The Bits In Between!Life, Death And The Bits In Between!

A monster dies when its hits are reduced to zero. For a PC (Player Character) it is a little more complicated. PCs have to two sets of life points: TBLP (Total Body Life Points) and Locs (Locational Life Points). Locs are generally 1/3 the of a PC's TBLP. A PC has seven locations: head, chest, abdomen, legs and arms. Additionally head, chest and abdomen are known as critical locations. The effect of taking damage is dealt with below:

  • If a location is reduced to zero then it stops working.
  • If a location is reduced below zero then it starts to bleed and the character suffers further damage until either: they die, the bleeding is staunched or they are healed.
  • Should a critical location, (head, chest or abdomen), be reduced to zero then the PC is rendered unconscious.
  • If a location suffers damage equal to twice its starting maximum then it is severed.
  • If a critical location is severed, i.e. suffers damage equal to twice its maximum, then the character dies.
  • If a PC's TBLP drops to zero they are rendered unconscious
  • If a PC's TBLP drops below zero then they die.
When a location is not working you cannot use it and should do your best to just let it hang limply. If you are unconscious or dead you cannot do anything and so should just lie around limp.


Damage GradesDamage Grades

The damage inflicted against player characters and against monsters is dealt with differently. Monsters have a number of hit points. A six hit monster will take six hits before dying: The End! Damage comes in grades which are multiples of the basic damage call, so double, triple et cetera.
For example our six hit monster from above can take either 6 singles before expiring, 3 doubles before expiring or 2 triples.
Against player characters each grade inflicts 6pts of damage:
For Example:
A "Single" grade delivers 6pts of damage
A "Double" grade delivers 12pts of damage


Armour Class ~ ACArmour Class ~ AC

Armour reduces the amount of damage that you suffer. Your basic armour class, referred to as AC, is a physical defense that primarily protects you from weapon blows and comes from two sources, physical armour and natural agility, which is referred to as dexterity. The type or armour that you may use and how well you can use it depends on your character class for example Warriors can wear many sorts of armour but wizards cannot wear heavy metal armour. The efficiency with which you can use your armour is known as your maximum armour class usually abbreviated to Max AC. Additionally no matter how good your armour is weapon blows will always do a minimum of 1pt of damage. This is referred to as bruising damage. AC reduces the damage you take per weapon blow by an amount equal to the AC value.

For Example: A warrior in AC3 struck by a 6pt Single would only take 3pts of damage per blow (6 minus 3). If he were struck by a 12pt Double he would take 9pts of damage from the blow (12 minus 3) and so on.


Money ~ GrullsMoney ~ Grulls

The in-character currency of Labyrinthia is the Grull, which comes in denominational notes from 10G to 5,000G in value. A day's adventuring will earn you between a couple of hundred and a few thousand grulls, depending on your level. This could be in the form of pay from the merchant who hires you to rescue his daughter, or treasure looted from an ogre's horde. For example grulls can be spent on:

  • Armour 
  • Spell Glyphs
  • Making potions 
  • Buying healing potions
  • Bribing monsters, paying other players to watch your back, buying drinks in the inn, paying the troll to let you cross his bridge and any other things you can come up with on your adventure.

Any physical object that you buy with grulls such as armour or potions still requires you to provide an actual physical representation (abbreviated to as a Phys-rep) as what you will get when you hand over your money is an official card stating precisely what it is that your character owns. These cards can be traded with other characters, in fact some things, notably potions or scrolls, are almost only available by such trade.


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