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Game PlayGame Play

Battle BoardBattle Board

The battle board is a sheet that you fill in detailing all your characters abilities plus some general admin information. For your very first adventure your referee will show you how to fill it in. He will then look after the battleboard. During the game you need to keep a careful track of what happens to you and precisely what order they happen in. At various regular periods the referee will stop the game, ask you what has happened to your character and make a note of it on the battleboard. For example, in an encounter you may be a Warrior who got hurt in a combat. So you're battle board might be: I took a single to the left arm, followed by a single to the chest. Then the priest cast a cure light wound on my chest and gave me a healing potion to drink.

For example if you were the helpful priest from the above encounter your battleboard might be: I cast a cure light wound on the warrior's chest and gave him one of my healing potions to drink.

It is essential that you relate things in the correct order. Quite often a case of quite literally life and death to do so. On low level adventures you will probably have more battleboarding than we would normally have on other adventures, as this will help to keep you up to date and allow you to ask your referee any questions you may have.


Time InTime In

This is when game play starts. You become your character. You are expected to speak, act and think as your character. The better you do this the more fun you're going to have and the more fun the people around you are going to have.


Time OutTime Out

This is when game play stops. You can relax and be your self again. Usually this signifies the end of the dungeon, a section of the dungeon or the referee is going to call a battleboard. So you can sit down and relax.


Time StopTime Stop

When the ref wants to give a specific description he will call a time stop. During a time stop you stay where you are, keep quite and listen to what is said. Some abilities possessed by a character may allow them to call a time stop and take action. This usually represents them moving at great speed so they cannot be generally be interacted with until time in is called again.


Time FreezeTime Freeze

Something instantaneous has happened, perhaps an explosion or a floor collapsing. The referee might want to be able to check who is affected or to explain what has happened or to re-arrange your surroundings et cetera. For a time freeze you close your eyes as you are unable to see what has happened to react until Time In is called again. Sometimes your referee may even ask you to hum to mask the sounds of what he is doing.


Hand In The Air!Hand In The Air!

A monster, or even a player, with his hand in the air is deemed not to be present in some fashion. They may be not currently playing a part, or being a part, which is invisible, or hidden, or supernaturally travelling (referred to as shifting) from one location to another. It generally means that you cannot interact with them and you should ignore their presence and not react to them in any fashion.


Basic GlossaryBasic Glossary

Armoury: The place where monster equipment is stored and usually initial meeting place for monsters looking for a referee or vice versa

Battleboard: The sheet that the ref keeps detailing your characters statistics and current state of play. This is updated periodically during a dungeon

Cantrip: A zero level (very basic and simple) spell

Check in Desk: See Desk

Desk: The place where you pay for your adventure and ask any questions

Elf / Elves: Magical beings who have no spirits and are unaffected by miracles

Guilds: Organisations that exist to help, train and equip mercenaries

Mana: The power used by wizards to cast their spells

Meditation: The means by with a Priest or Wizard may rest to recover Spirits or Mana

Miracle: The weaving of spiritual power to create a supernatural effect

Shifting: Mystically transporting from one place to another

Verbal: The words spoken to activate certain powers such as Spells or Miracles.

Spirits: The power used by priests to cast their miracles.


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