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Labyrinthe SystemLabyrinthe System

Labyrinthe SystemLabyrinthe System How does the Labyrinthe work

Initial QueriesInitial Queries

LRP Illustrative PictureIf you are interested in coming to monster or play at Labyrinthe, then we would recommend that you start by downloading the basic handbook and taking a read through.  The handbook contains a lot of useful information on the system rules, basic character choices, and many of the spells and miracles that are used by spell casters.

If you have any questions about how Labyrinthe works and what you might need to take part, please feel free to either call the booking line, or e-mail us (please refer to contacts page for details). Alternatively you can register on the website and join in on the lively discussion forums – there are specific forums for “starter” questions and the management and club members are generally happy to help with any questions you might have.


Booking to playBooking to play

If you are interested in coming to join us at Labyrinthe, then your next step should be to book to either play or monster an adventure.  We would always recommend that your first experience at Labyrinthe is best if you play – as then you get the full effect of the atmosphere of playing in the Caves.

For your first event you will want to book onto an adventure described as a “low level” adventure. These are adventures written specifically for characters between 1st and 4th level, although you will likely be playing along side other new players at Labyrinthe and some more experienced players who are starting new characters.  These adventures will give you a sound introduction to the system.

You can book to play by registering on the website and taking advantage of our online booking service, by phoning our booking line or e-mailing us directly (see contacts page for phone and e-mail details). You don't have to be in a group. If you're on your own we'll fit you in with one of the groups who are of a similar level of experience already doing an adventure, which is an excellent way to meet and make new friends. We run a number of adventures both days of every weekend and special adventures on Bank Holidays.

Adventures are split into two sections in a day each one involving at least three hours of game play. You can play individual sections but we recommend playing a full day to experience the overall game. For adult adventures the morning session starts at 10:30 (but we recommend that you arrive around 9am to give you and your referee plenty of time to go over everything with you) and finished for lunch at approximately 13:30.  The afternoon session aims to start at 14:30 and finishes around 18:00 (young player adventures start a little later and finish a little earlier).


Your First AdventureYour First Adventure

In the game world there are over 70 races and over 100 classes to pick and choose combinations of, but our advice for a first time player at Labyrinthe is to keep it simple and play either a Warrior, Priest or Wizard on your first adventure and come along to our caves site in Chislehurst. The link on the homepage to the Handbook should give you all the information you will need for your first few visits to Labyrinthe – there’s no real need to worry too much about the wealth of other publications/supplements and source books at this early stage.

For your first time you should wear plain and dark clothing, which you don't mind getting a little chalky or dirty, and flat, comfortable shoes or walking boots. We'll supply you with weapons and basic costume.  It is worth remembering that this is a physical game, there is a degree of physical contact and invariably running around in a darkened cave system can result in the odd cut, scrape or bruise, just as with any other sport.

On your first day at Labyrinthe you turn up, check in at our reception desk in the caves (down the long tunnel!) and we'll make sure that your referee knows that you haven't played before and they will go over the rules with you, then you will get to play your first dungeon. You don't need to know all the rules to start with so don't be daunted by the quantity of them and don't be afraid to ask any member of the staff behind the reception desk about any rules that you do not understand.



After playing your first adventure we encourage people to try their hand at monstering. Monstering is where you come along to play all of the parts the players meet during their adventure and it is a great chance to practice those fighting skills as well as learn more about the game. Adult monsters also earn credits that can be used as part payment. Each monster credit may be used to reduce the cost of playing a dungeon by £5, to a minimum cost of £10 a dungeon and a full days monstering can earn you as many as five monster credits (conditions apply). Additionally for each section you monster you earn 5 monster points that can be used to help your characters in the future. Monstering all day gains you a bonus of another 5 monster points. You don't need to book to monster but if you do you get another 5 monster point bonus because we'll know you will be there and this helps us organise our adventures.


Young PlayersYoung Players

On Saturdays, younger adventurers aged between eleven and fifteen can also adventure within the world of Labyrinthe on adventures run specifically for their age group with their own referees. The young player adventures are clearly marked in our events section, but please do call us if you have any specific questions on these adventures.

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