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New Member RegistrationNew Member Registration

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Why register?

There are two levels of registration on the Labyrinthe website and the first level access grants you entry to the Labyrinthe forums and to the members area of the website.

The forums are active and lively, with club members discussing LRP related issues as well as a whole range of other topics.  It is also used by the Labyrinthe CMT to communicate special events, system changes and other important announcements.  The members area will grant access to the downloads section of the website, where you will be able to access a number of different publications and documents produced by club members and the management team.

Only our site admin will have access to your e-mail address and password, and when you post on the forums the posts will display your screen name.  All club members will have access to see your screen name and real name, but you will be able to choose to display other information on your profile if you choose to.  Registration requests without a valid real name will not be approved.


What is Level 2 membership?

Upgrading your registration to level two achieves two different things.

Firstly it registers you as a member of the Labyrinthe club, and the details you provide in this step of the registration ensures that we have both your contact details and those of your next of kin.  Completing this information is necessary before anyone can take part in a Labyrinthe event in any capacity.  You will be able to keep your contact details up to date once you have registered.  Only Labyrinthe management will have access to your contact details and your next of kin contact details.  By joining the club, you agree to be bound by the club rules, which you will be able to view before submitting your registration.

Level 2 registration also allows you to book onto our events online, and will give you access to a page that will show you all of your future bookings.  Registering automatically allows you to book onto an event as a player or monster.  If you would like to be able to book to referee or as a staff member at the caves then the CMT will need to update your registration details to allow you to do so.